Install App

How to install?

DeepGamecan be installed through browsers instead of App stores, using the latest technology in 2024 called "Web App."

Look for the install prompt when you visited the homepage. A simple click installs the App to your device.

If you did not see the install prompt, try manual installation:

- on iOS devices, use the Safari browser

- on Android and PC, use the Chrome browser

Depending on your operating system, the installed App should look like the following:




Is that a bookmark?

No, you installed an App, just not through the App store. You can find it by searching, use all its features instantly, and receive notifications.

Why a Web App?

1. Official Adoption

Operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows have adopted this way to install Apps.

2. Small Footprint

We recognize legal issues have a low-frequency, high-importance nature. Web Apps do not run in the background. They only start to run and update when you open it, saving battery and space.

3. Consistent UI across devices

Web App allows us to develop for all devices at once, which means you get a consistent experience and enjoy new features sooner!